Kathleen McGookey | I’d Like to Talk About Something Else

Kathleen McGookey
I’d Like to Talk About Something Else

for a change, like that small blue frog, which, if licked, kills whatever licked it. The frog might be another color. You might have to eat it to die. But I know I’ve got the killing part right. Once, I had patience. Once, I had my own room. I didn’t have sisters. I didn’t have roosters. I’d like to know who said I have wasted my life. And was it true? When I lay my head upon my desk, something inside me — a shadow, a ghost? — tries to sit up. Its outline washes through me, like certain medications. I like not discussing certain subjects. I like going to the orchard to pick fresh peaches. I like the idea of a different life. But that’s what I thought years ago, imagining this one.

Date of publication: 
March 18, 2014


Kathleen McGookey’s work has appeared in over a hundred journals and twelve anthologies. She has published a book, Whatever Shines (White Pine Press), a chapbook, October Again (Burnside Review Press), and a book of translations of French poet Georges Godeau’s prose poems, We’ll See (Parlor Press). Her chapbook Mended is forthcoming from Kattywompus Press, and her book At the Zoo is forthcoming from White Pine Press. She lives with her family in Middleville, Michigan.